iGTP Newsletter

2nd Edition

Special Announcement

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GE Sub-Comm elected. Congratulation to these brave souls!

Team Roles as follow:
• Team Leader : Seah (TU)
TN / Start-up Research : Lygene (TU) & Michelle (UNMC)
EP / Supply Research : Charmayne (SU) & Hsio May (UPM)
GE Delivery Framework : Erwin (SU) & Seah
• 25th Aug - 3rd Sept : First Phase Development
4th Sept - 11th Sept : Second Phase Development -- Ready for pitching
12th Sept : GE Soft Launch at MAGIC Start-up Fair (http://academy.mymagic.my/ma2015/career-fair/)
13th Sept - 30th Sept : GE Sales & Innovation

Final Outcome:

GE Sub-Comm will innovate the GE product to be launched nationally for our National Sales peak on October!! GE will be the main focus for Winter Peak!! :)

SOLS Meetup

Meeting on Wednesday (26/8) -- Attended by Figo (MC), Ricky (UKM), Erjun (SU)

• HR Head & Managers took over since March'15, and has little knowledge on SOLS-AIESEC partnership -- Meetup to align all in same page
• Updated list of countries (sols_countries)
- only Fabulous & Good countries accepted; West Europe like Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc may be possible
- potential target countries (with healthy supply in order) -- Indonesia, Poland, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Belgium & etc.
• Figo will review the MoU/Agreement previously signed between both parties to further move forward
• Mutually agreed to restart our processes for current forms/positions to cooperate and respond fast to match within next 3 months

International Relation Updates

These are updates from IC entity partnership meetings. The focus of the IC entity partnership meeting was mainly on relationship building and also entity understanding. These goals are meant to adjust on the upcoming follow up virtual meeting and the goal is the total of a mix of Global Entrepreneur and Global Talent Programme. Follow up meeting will be done by September to ensure clear details and better understanding of co-delivery.

Follow-up on Mexico, Canada, Poland & Indonesia

  • Mexico: Currently on raising peak; they are exploring on Engineering & Graphic Design (sample CVs) -- Mexican Designer EPs have applied to Podio
  • Canada: Focused for SOLS forms, already contacted LC SU for SOLS matching (yet to follow-up)
  • Poland: Awaiting their further matching mania; the first batch EPs sent are not eligible (mostly rejected)
  • Indonesia: We already had 2 matches out of 7 positions sent -- 1 needing to follow-up

Performance Dashboard

July - Aug

Performance 14/15

Ma - 0

Re - 5

Performance 15/16

Ma - 18

Re - 6


  • LCs are facing break-matches -- mostly due to visa procedures; candidates issue
  • LCs are stuck after visa process -- ESD application has been slow; visa agent is not responding to emails

Moving forward:

  • MC schedule meetup with visa agent within next week
  • Figo will head to immigration office to check on ESD processing and details on Friday
  • LCs conduct expectation settings to EPs & TNs that visa processing will take 3-4 months
  • Winter to shift focus to GE product (via PVP student visa) & MSC-status companies (via MDEC EP visa)

Thank you for your effort to grow iGTP. In the upcoming months, iGTP growth need to be disruptive.

Jenna is back!

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She is back from her exchange from Indonesia.

Yay! So, I will be transitioning with her this week on Tuesday to Wednesday on her role and responsibilities.


  • LC Tiering Model -- need the tiering sheet from Peter
  • Podio Management Tutorial -- mid-way, contemplating on detailed or simplicity
  • Visa Agent scheduling
  • IR partnership performance review with entity partner

To Do List:

1. Global Entrepreneur Proposal

2. LC Tiering Model

3. Podio Management Tutorial

4. Follow-up IC IR partnership