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Raphael's Biography

•Raphael was born on April 6, 1483 in Urbino, Marche, Italy

•Raphael spent most of his life and professional career in Rome for 12 years working on his masterpieces commissioned by the Pope.

•He received much education like how to paint at a sophisticated level, and he also had training on architecture at a novice level.

•Raphael had often tended to move a lot from place to place, while working on different art pieces, as well as continuing his training and instruction from mentors.

•He created painting sometimes using different skills such as perspective. Three of his many famous paintings were "Marriage of the Virgin", "School of Athens", and "Pope Julius ii".

•Raphael had many patrons to support his way through life, but none where as important as Pope Julius ii and Pope Leo X.

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School of Athens(Scoula di Atene)

•This piece of art from Raphael was created circa 1510-1512.

•School of Athens is currently located in the Apostolic Palace, Vatican City.

•In this piece that I am studying, there are many colors that bring this painting to life as well as the front perspective that reveals to you all of the people inside of the school.

•This piece shows us how intelligent and advanced the Greeks were for there time. It also indicates how civilized the Greek civilization was.

•Both Raphael and many of his masterpieces represented humanism. Especially this painting shows us how the Greeks acted when it came to debates and learning. It also displays what they wore and what they looked like.

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