The Tornado (Six Flags)

Summer vacation was awsome

Getting Ready

For my 2014 Summer vacations I went to Hurricane Harbor with my family and one of my cousins it was a really frightening experience but I ended up liking it alot now my mom was getting everything ready the drinks and the sunscreen and our towels we were all very prepared for this trip in the meantime i started to think and imagine how would it look and how it will feel I was very nervous but,my cousin knew Hurricane Harbor very good so I was not that worried.

When we Got there

At first me and my cousin went to the pool and to surf in a little place they had they also had a wave pool this one was my favorite it was very relaxing and I became way more calmer.Soon it was time to eat my dad went to buy us 2 buckets of popcorn it was really good I liked after that me and my sister went to play some other games and I enjoyed all of them.

Some of the Rides we went to

The Tornado

The Tornado

Then came my not so liked ride it is called the THE TORNADO I will tell you about it is bad i have seen people come out of eat not well like that one time that I saw a kid named michael throwing up after he came out it really freaked me out and people said it was really scary and others had no words but I did not really see no one smiling once they got out of the ride my cousin told me to get in the ride with her I said I will think about it I was going to immediately say no but i did not want to hurt her feelings I know she really wanted to get on it so i thought well I will try it I guess


It was our turn as we waited I was starting to feel more than scared I wanted to regret it but it was too late it was my turn I got on my seat and the only thing I had is to grab onto the handles which I personally did not think it was safe at all I thought they should have more safety well then the lifeguard pushed me in I tried to tell her I was not ready but she still pushed me and off I went spinning and spinning I was I could smell the clean blue water And feel the emotion inside I screamed and let all my emotion out it turned out really good I did not get hurt at all it was an amazing and once in a lifetime experience i really loved THE TORNADO:):):):):):):):):)