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Nepal - General Information

  • Capital - Kathmandu
  • Population - 30,986,975
  • National Language - Nepali
  • Major Religions - Hindu (80%), Buddhist (10%)
  • Form of Government - Federal Democratic Republic
  • GDP - $19.64 Billion
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Flag of Nepal

Nepal's flag has two main colors. The red symbolizes the red of the Rhododendron, Nepal's national flower, and also victory and bravery. The blue border represents peace and harmony. The two triangles that form the flag represent the Himalayas that run through the country. The moon symbol represents the shade and cool of the Himalayas, while the sun symbol represents the heat and higher temperatures of the lower regions in Nepal. Nepal's flag is the only national flag to not be rectangular.

Major Landmarks and Sites in Nepal

Mount Everest

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Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world at 29,029 feet, and is located in northern Nepal.


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Boudhanath is a Buddhist stupa, or temple, which is used by Buddhists as a place of meditation.

Hanuman Dhoka

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Hanuman Dhoka is an ancient royal palace in Nepal. It gets its name from Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, and Dhoka, meaning "door" in Nepali.