Lubbock-Cooper Central Elementary

Sent September 3rd

A Note from the Principal:

Student quarantines and virtual learning made one thing clear in the education world : students thrive in interactive learning environments with peers and certified teachers. This is not a dig towards parents doing their best with at-home learning or concerns with COVID-19, this is a shout out to incredible teachers and community schools. At Central Elementary, we are committed to closing any student learning gaps, as well as empowering our students with the tools to be life-long learners.

If you would like to nerd out about this sometime we can discuss decoding, fluency, and vocabulary skills that are essential to overall comprehension. Comprehension leads to connecting ideas, which leads to learning new concepts, which can lead to new understanding and application and ultimately results in confident and capable learners.

If you would prefer not to nerd out with me and only ask what you can do to help, I have an answer for you: support and encourage reading. Reading novels, reading short stories, reading comic books, reading cereal boxes; anything that engages children in the act of reading.

- Ask your child about what they are reading (books, comics, blogs, anything)

- Designate times for family reading

- Utilize our local libraries

- Intentionally let your children see you reading

I promise if you commit to this investment it will pay dividends for years to come, do me a favor and give it a shot.

- Colter Cox

Campus Principal at Central Elementary

The Power and Importance of...READING! | Luke Bakic | TEDxYouth@TBSWarsaw
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