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FM9 Student-Led News Source, October 17th, 2016

Spirit Days


*Spirit Days ALL Week - A Jag WIN is Music to Our Ears*

Monday: Country

Tuesday: Disco

Wednesday: Pop/Punk

Thursday: Rock ‘n Roll

Friday: White Out

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Talking with the Marching Band

The Flower Mound Marching Band showcases their months of hard work in less than 20 minutes during a halftime performance. The band members have set many goals for themselves to accomplish during their four years at FMHS.

The band is very successful because of the long hours they have to work each day. From morning sectionals, after school rehearsals, to 7AM stadium rehearsals, band works very hard for their success.

The band works with their section to perfect their sound. Sectionals are where you get together with your section and practice different music together. We have them once a week from 7:15AM-7:45AM In sectionals, they practice region and all-state music together. It can help people who don't have a lesson teacher.

"I'm hoping to make all-region, all-state, and possibly make wind symphony by the time I'm a senior," said freshman flautist, Victoria Reeh

There are four different concert bands in FMHS. From lowest to highest, there is Varsity 2, Varsity 1, Concert, Symphonic, and Wind Symphony. The highest band a freshman can make is symphonic band.

It might It seem difficult to understand how the bane is able to move in their heavy uniforms. Freshman saxophone player, Thomas Kall, says the band uniforms aren’t as heavy as the competition uniforms. "I want to try my best and get to the top band as soon as I can," said Kall.

All of the hard work is paying off. The band received top honors at the Arlington Bands of America competition and was also recognized as the Number 1 Band in the Nation according to

"It was so cool and crazy to think that we won by almost 4 points," exclaimed Kall.

Band is a great experience for everyone. Even though it's a lot of thinking and hard work, it’s definitely worth it in the end. You get to have fun at football games, go to competitions, and work on different music for region tryouts. Being in band is like having another family. Come support them at the next football game!

Written by: Katie Timms and Victoria Reeh