Come and stay in tokyo and you might want to live there

History and arts

Tokyo is full of artistic beauty. Everyday people turn ordinary objects into art. A castle called samurai castle that people paint and draw designs on it. Japan is famous for their paintings because after wars they will paint on the castle. Some famous arts are landscaping, gardening, pottery, swords and drums. Come fall love with the historical arts.

This is a Tokyo masterpiece.

Tourism and Entertainment

Came and let you mind choose the entertainment. Every year on new years day on January 1st they celebrate a Festival called Mastari, all business are closed. This day is set aside for girls day where they play with dolls. Toshogh Shrine festivals is a day to remember the people in history. Ice skating and skiing are the most popular sport. There are so many options to choose from.

This is what the Toshogh Shrine festival looks like.

Landmarks and Historical sights

Learn about their historical landmarks. Mt. Fuji is the highest Mt. and famous for its peak. Shikoku is the smallest island in Japan and their is copper and mining and little villages where they sell goods. Honsha is the biggest island in Japan and 80% live there. A famous tower called Tokyo Tower is molded after the Eiffel Tower. Let the landmarks bring you to Tokyo.

This is the Tokyo tower.


Tokyo is known for their wonderful food selections. In Tokyo we have diffrent kind of noddles, fat noodles are called udon and skinny noddles are called soba. They have ceirtan procedures like fish we lay the head left and eat the eyes 1st. Japanees only eat beef on special dishes. we eat spinach, eggplant, stems, roots and flowers everyday. So come and try our food and you wont regrettit.

This is Tokyo food


Learn diffrent langauges. You can learn Japanese at J's langauge in Tokyo or J basa in Japanese. They only speak Japanese. A symbol that represents respect looks like this (see below). You can see Japanese symbols on the streets of Tokyo. come and learn Japanese.

Climate and weather

Come and see the snow in December. The temperature in the summer, the high is 86 degrees and the low is around 70. In the winter, however, the high is around 54 degrees and the low is around 29. My recommendation since it does get so cold in the winter is to visit in the summer. The time to come is summer because it nice and hot. Dont come in the winter Because the Typhoons come. Come to the white city.

This is Tokyo in winter.