Searches; Unconstitutional?

Schools must be able to Search Students Belongings

Although there are some parents against school searches, there are many more that are for school searches. Those many more are for school searches because they want their child to learn in a safe, and distraction free environment.

The locker the school lets the student borrow is not the student’s locker. Since the locker is the school’s property the school should be able to search their own property. The bags and belongings the students bring to school are on school property so to ensure safety the school must be able to search their belongings. As a student there shouldn’t be any prohibited items in your belongings so if the school searches your bag they shouldn’t find any prohibited items in your belongings.

What Parents Think About Searches?

Some people may think that school searches are unconstitutional and schools searching through some student’s belongings without a search warrant. The schools are searching without a search warrant because there isn’t that much time to get the search warrant. By the time they get the search warrant there might be 50 pills spread across 50 students and you wont know who started with the pills. To ensure that everybody is safe the school must search immediately or soon after they figure out that someone has drugs or weapons.

Searches need a second chance

The schools should be able to search people’s belongings so that their students may learn in a safe, distraction free environment. As long as the search is reasonable and they have some suspicion that says that they might have drugs or weapons. Parents need to let schools do what schools need to do to ensure safety.

Interview with Connor:

Do you think school should be able to search students and why?