Sun, Moon, and Earth

By:David, Jerman, Christopher

The Sun

The Sun is a dwarf star that has spots it's the biggest star.The Sun is made out of mass of gasses and dust.Shadows are made by the Sun.The sun is very important to the Earth because it gives light and heat without The Sun we will freeze we will not survive very long time. So, The Sun is the most important star.The Sun doesn't move because it holds the solar system on place.

The Moon

The Moon is made out of rocky soil. We couldn't live on the moon because it has no air,wind,cold,dark,and surface is dry.It also has no gravity so we will be just flying around.The Moon doesn't have its own light The Sun gives it light. So without the Sun's light on the moon the night will be even more darker.The Moon revolves around The Earth.

The Earth

The Earth is the place where we live on The Earth is covered with water,rock,soil,and air it's not perfectly round .The Earth's movement makes night by one side facing away The Sun and the day side is facing The Sun.Earth has gravity that pulls down.Without The Earth we will have nowhere to live because The Earth has everything we need to live.The Earth takes 24 hours to rotate .It takes 1 year to Revolve around The Sun.


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