Weather Flyer

By:Sam Myers, Sebastian Ochoa


The transition of cool (more dense) material sinking, and warm (less dense) material rising.This happens because colder material is more dense so gravity wants to pull it down leaving the warmer air to rise.

Land Vs. Sea Breeze

During the DAY the cool air off of the sea (high pressure), moves towards land which is warm air (low pressure).Then, the warm air on the land rises.

Climate Vs. Weather

Climate is the activity in the atmosphere over a long period of time. Weather on the other hand, is the activity of the atmosphere over a short period of time.


Before a hurricane starts there is a tropical storm.The water has to be warm for a hurricane to exist, unless like recently the air is a lot colder then the water.The air must be cool for the convection to acor and then forming a hurricane.


Tornadoes acur when a cold front and warm fronts meet. This causes instability in the atmosphere. The cold air murges under, and the warm air murges upwards.
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