The January juice in 4H

The highlights of 4H's Juiciest January.

Our Northeast social studies unit shuts the door and finishes.

4H had a lot of fun in the northeast restaurant. We made brochures, took a test, and learned the states and capitals. After starting around December, we ended in the closing of January. 4H worked very hard making brochures on microsoft publisher and microsoft word. The 3 sections we included are the basics, settlers, and life in the NE. The basics are climate, plants and animals , and landforms. We explored the different sections of all the 3 catergories in our brochures. Fun facts are:

  • Delaware isn't in the NE, according to us. Though it might be confusing, it isn't.
  • There are nine states in the Northeast.
  • The northernmost state is Maine.
  • The southernmost state is New Jersey.
  • The smallest state in the Northeast is Rhode Island.
  • The climate is temperate.

Here are the states and capitals of the NE:

  • New York- Albany
  • Pennsylvania- Harrisburg
  • New Jersey- Trenton
  • Vermont- Montpelier
  • Connecticut- Hartford
  • Massachusetts- Boston
  • Rhode Island- Providence
  • New Hampshire- Concord
  • Maine- Augusta

4th grade learns the core of the apple- peer mediation.

Central school's 4th grade went to Grace Church, and learned how to be a peer mediator. We had lots of fun with Mrs. Black and Mrs. Miller. 4th grade divided into color groups to make some nice skits, posters, learn how to treat others nicely, and to learn some new sweet apple vocabulary. We have the choice of being peer mediators.

Sweet candy 4H did!

The fourth grade achieved a hot chocolate sale!!!!!

Our one and only hot chocolate sale!

On Febuary 2, 2015 the 4th grade hosted a hot coco sale. Each class had their own job, and ours was marketing. We did tasks such as, making posters, and dressing up as marshmellows. Becca, Maggie, and Libby looked nice and fluffy, thanks to Ms. Glazer, who cleverly made fabric into them. We had a successful sale, 4H says. Thank you to all that helped!!

4H loves computer programs

4H loves doing fun computer programs such as :

  • Lexia (which Teddy graduated from).
  • Moby max (Jack moved up on fact master!!).
  • Study Island (Nelson has lots of blue ribbons).
  • Brain Pop ( which Miss. Hood loves).
  • Typing Agent, (we are all At's on).