Communications group project

Gavin B, Logan E, Yxian O, Stendsay W


  • It is easy to get into conflict it is also easy to prevent conflict too. Some tips are:

  • Find a good time to talk and try to stay calm.

  • Make an effort to listen to what they are saying.

  • Tone of voice is a big factor too it helps them understand what you mean and how they should take it.

  • Look at the person when they are speaking and be respectful to the people that are talking.

Tone of Voice

  • Tone of voice and body language can both change the meaning of what someone is saying.

  • Be sure that your tone and body language match your words so that the listener understands your meaning.

  • Your tone plays a part in communicating how you feel.

  • Try to keep it as positive as you can.

  • Let your tone of voice be as calm as you can so the viewers feel like it is good.

I- Messages

  • An I-Message is an effective way to express our own wants, needs, or concerns to the listener.

  • For example- “I feel _____ when you ____. I would like ____.”

  • You can use I-Messages with anyone, friends, teachers, parents...

Communication Roadblocks

  • A Communication Blocker is a statement that almost always keeps good communication from taking place and can be counted on to make a bad situation worse.

  • Stating opinion as fact sarcasm

  • Insults name calling interrupting

  • Justing changing the subject