By: Kaitlyn, Brooklyn, Michaela, Christine, Joseph, and Sam

History of the Protest:

1. History of the protests

A. When did the protests begin?

Protests in Libya began on 15 February, 2011 in front of Benghazi's police headquarter following the arrest of a human rights attorney who represented the “relatives of more than 1,000 prisoners allegedly massacred by security forces in Tripoli’s Abu Salim jail in 1996.

B. What were/are people protesting?

The protests were against Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi’s (the cruel dictator of Libya) regime.

C. How did the government respond?

The rebels uprising was short lived, as Qaddafi came in and stopped many of the protests, but not all.

D. What has been the result?

The revolutionary protests (both violent and non violent) turned into a revolutionary war that was very violent. Even though most of the protests were stopped, it has been hard for Libya's central government to be strong, have authority, and provide basic needs for their citizens.

What is Happening Today?

Violent protests and conflicts with the government.

Nouri Abusahmain is the president of Libya.

General elections are scheduled to be held in Libya six months after a new constitution comes into force, if the constitution is approved by referendum.

Libya faces problems with forming a new government, and violence and protests within the country can cause dissension.

The International Community:

The Arab League asked the United Nations to intervene to protect the civilians in Benghazi. In March, the UN Security Council passed a resolution which authorised "all necessary measures", except troops on the ground, to enforce a no-fly zone and protect civilians. Nato planes then started bombing government forces, who retreated from the outskirts of Benghazi.

In 2011 there was an military intervention involving the American and brittish navel forces firing tomahawk missiles in Libya. They also instituted a no fly zone over Libya

Characterizing What Happened:

Yes I would call this a revolution because the citizens of the country went to overthrow the president because of his unfair rule over the past years. Other countries also helped the rebels overthrow their president by providing guns, air support, and money.