Parol Officer

Grace Malz

What is a parol officer?

parol officers & probation officers are people who supervise a person who has committed a crime and looks after them after they're outta jail to make sure they stay on track and not commit anymore crimes.

How much do they make?

In 2011, probation officers earned an average of $52,110 a year, or $25.05 per hour, But about half of all probation officers, was closer to $47,840 a year, or $23.00 per hour. Twenty-five percent of probation officers earned less than $36,920 a year, while 10 percent earned less than $31,210

charecteristics you should have

  • critical thinker
  • encouraging
  • good communication
  • patient
  • dedicated

What collage classes / degree do you need?

At a minimum, probation officers should have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to human service. The best degrees for probation officers include social work and criminal justice. Other possible areas of study are psychology, sociology, or criminology.

How does avid help me?

Helps with communication and working with other people.