Math Project-Cars and angles

By Moody Raptor

My Question

How fast or how far can a car go at three different angles?

My plan

First I will take a long ruler and and I'm going to make sure if it's not going to fall. I'm going to measure the ruler, then, I'm going to know what's the angles, so I need choose 10, 20, 30 degrees, then I'm going to use timer to test how fast can go on every angles.

Material list

  • Timer
  • Ruler
  • Books with the box
  • Meter sticks


I think

  • 10 degree would be take 3 second the speed might be
  • 5 degree would be take 5 second
  • 15 degree would be take 1 second

15 degree experiment

I try 15 degree at first, because it might take one second. So I put my car on the ruler then it just went street down and fell out of the track, so I try again and it works it takes two second. And so the speed was in 15 degree it's 50cm per second.

5 degree experiment

I try 5 degree for now, and my first try I failed because because it's to slow so the car stop in the middle, so I realized that the car doesn't really work, so I changed one, and I time it, it actually take 6 seconds. And the speed was in 5 degree was about 16cm per second.

10 degree experiments

I try 10 degree at last, but I didn't get an answer because first the ruler is too short, second I need a better timer, so I can't know the answer.


I learn that as the heigh increases, I get less time, and also the speed increases.