LYNX Newsletter

December 2018, Volume 1, Number 4

FHS Registration Night! December 19

Frederick High School will host its annual Registration Night and Academic, Electives, Sports, & Club Fair on Wednesday, December 19 from 6:00-8:00 pm at Frederick High School.

This is a great opportunity for future and current students and their families to learn about the variety of academic opportunities, sports, and clubs offered at FHS.

LYNX opportunities and scheduling options will be discussed:

  • traditional, staggered, and extended schedule options
  • Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM)
  • LYNX online courses

Semester II - Block 5 classes available in spring 2019!

Interested in taking a Block 5 class (2:20-3:40 pm) second semester? See your FHS counselor in the Student Services Suite - A103.

English 9 - Mr. Dale

Algebra II - Ms. Ptak

Foundations of Computer Science - Ms. Bearce

LYNX Grade 9

Attention parents/guardians of future or current 9th grade students!

Do you have questions about LYNX at Frederick High School?

Come to an informal information and Q&A session hosted by the LYNX Advocates.

Date: Monday, December 10th

Time: 4:30-5:30pm

Location: FHS Media Center

*Snow Date: December 17th 4:30-5:30 pm in the FHS Media Center*

Ms. Kathy Koops:

Mr. Marlon Moran:

Ms. Beth Sands:

Ms. Sandra Zimmerman:

LYNX Grade 10: LYNX scholars host STEM Day!

"The FHS Maryland Science Olympiad (MSO) team is a great place to have fun and do STEM activities without so many rules. There are so many different ways you can create a car or a catapult, or you can innovate and invent a new rocket. MSO is the place to let your imagination flow. Our STEM day provided the opportunity for students to use their own unique ideas and put them to the test."

-- Nisha Thope, LYNX Scholar, Class of 2021

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LYNX Scholars work on "soft skills" including team work, collaboration, and self-advocacy with BAR-T staff at their mountainside ranch!
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All FHS students (grades 9-12) can sign up to attend LYNX experiences! Click the link below to explore current options:

LYNX Experiences: Learning Beyond the Classroom

Upcoming Events:
  • Dec. 3: Dr. Walter Hubert, National Cancer Institute at Frederick (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 4: Ms. Belia Castellon, Careers for Women (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 5: TransIT (guest speaker & off-campus experience)
  • Dec. 5: Mr. Chuck LoSchiavo, FCC Trades & Vocational Training (Learning Lab, guest speaker)
  • Dec. 6: Galaxy Control Systems (off-campus experience)
  • Dec. 7: Ms. Katrina Wyand-Yurish, Plamondon Hospitality (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 10: Ms. Darcy O'Daniel, Music Therapist (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 11: Dr. Walter Hubert, National Cancer Institute at Frederick (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 12: Dr. Alexandra Cassotta, The Pediatric Center (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 12: Ms. Jan Sholes, FCC Health & PE (Learning Lab, guest speaker)
  • Dec. 13: Mr. Jack Craven, Craven Law LLC (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 13: Independent Hose Company (off-campus experience)
  • Dec. 17: Frederick Police Department Training Facility (off-campus experience)
  • Dec. 17: Mr. Ryan Pinckney, ADTEK Engineers (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 17: Dr. Walter Hubert, National Cancer Institute at Frederick (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 18: Dr. Deborah Frye, Registered Nurse (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 19: Ms. Robin Shusko, FCC Public Safety (guest speaker)
  • Dec. 20: Dr. Lenea Stocker, University of Maryland - Chemistry (guest speaker)

On Campus: LYNX Scholars make College Connections!

Mount Saint Mary's University

LYNX scholars toured Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg, MD and learned about the educational opportunities available to them. Ms. June Mugo provided a great presentation that informed our scholars of all the programs and activities available at MSMU. We look forward to another visit!
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FCPS Career and Technology Center (CTC)

LYNX scholars were hosted by the FCPS Career and Technology Center on November 20. Students were impressed with the variety and quality of the programs that the CTC has to offer. Many excited FHS students decided to make shadowing a CTC program a priority this year! Thank you CTC!
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Innovative Learning: In the Classroom

Competency-based education provides "learning pathways" in which students are empowered by choice and personalized learning options to meet clear, shared outcomes.

FHS students engage in a variety of learning experiences in the classroom, including station rotations involving movement and technology, hands-on experiments, and discussions.

Flexible and Personalized Education at FHS

Frederick High School operates on an extended daily schedule.

LYNX students in grades 9 and 10 can choose a traditional, staggered, or extended schedule.

Block 5 classes: Semester II - Spring 2019 (2:20-3:40 pm)

*English 9 - Mr. Dale

*Algebra II - Ms. Ptak

*Foundations of Computer Science - Ms. Bearce

LYNX Learning Lab: Did you know?

All FHS students (grades 9-12) can come to the LYNX Learning Lab (media center) for tutoring, independent study, collaborative work, and guest presentations with LYNX partners.


Session I: 2:20 - 3:40 pm (daily)

FREE Dinner: 3:45-4:15 pm (daily) *bus at 4:15 pm

Session 2: 4:20 - 5:40 pm (T/W/R) *bus at 5:45 pm

Students should sign up before 2:15 pm on the day they plan to attend: Learning Lab Registration Form

Fast Fact

The LYNX Advisory Council meets throughout the year to discuss progress toward our strategic goals and plans for future LYNX opportunities. The LYNX Advisory Council is chaired by FCPS Superintendent Dr. Theresa Alban and includes representatives from Towson University, Hood College, and the Frederick Chamber of Commerce, as well as FCPS central office staff and Frederick High school advocates and administrators.