Russian Revolution

By: Priscilla Perez and Brooklyn-BelAir Moos

Czar Nicholas 2

Czar Nicholas 2 came to power in 1894 and his reign lasted till he was over thrown in 1918.

Russian withdraw WW1

Food shortages in early 1917 sparked mass rioting in the Capitol of Petrograd (the name given to St. Petersburg in August 1914). Soldiers deserted the government and joined the people. The Duma demanded that the Czar step down. Nicholas 2 abdicated his throne one March 15,1917 ending more than 300 years of rule by the Romanov Dynasty.

Vladmir Lenin and the Bolsheviks took over the government and Russia became the USSR and a communist country.

Czar Nicholas ii and his family

They were kept as prisoners. During really early hours on July 17, 1918 were herded into a cellar of their prison house and were exectued by the Bolsheviks.
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The symbol of the Soviet Union under Lenin was the sickle and hammer to present the workers and the peasant farmers.