Saks Fifth Avenue

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About Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue was founded by Andrew Saks in 1867 and was name as Saks & Company. When Saks died in 1912 Saks & Co. merged with Gimbel Brother Inc. that was owned by a cousin of Horace Saks and Bernard Gimbel. Their flagship store opened on September 15, 1924 in Manhattan, New York City on Fifth Ave. It was the largest department store at that time, now there are many competitors such as Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, Nieman Marcus, Lord and Taylor, Nordstorm and Bloomingdale's. Saks sells numerous types of products including clothing, shoes, bedding, designer handbags, beauty products, jewelry and housewares. Saks has an online website and four different types of catalog you can browse and shop with. Saks has over 350 stores and six distribution centers, first the product comes from the brand’s warehouse to the retailer’s central warehouse then it goes to either the physical Saks store or either directly to the customer though either FedEx or UPS.

In the news from New York Eater

When Kanye, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey goes to Paris, they often to choose to dine at L'Avenue on Avenue Montaigne so now they are opening a French cafe inside of Saks Fifth Avenue flag ship stores. This will create a new attraction in Saks Fifth Avenue
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Music from Soundcloud

Holiday season is right around the corner so Saks Fifth Avenue would give you the feel of the holiday with Christmas songs.


All I Want For Christmas Is You- Justin Bieber ft. Mariah Carey by Belieber&Directioner_876
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The gift wrap design for Saks Fifth Avenue

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This Bond no.9 window display at Saks Fifth Avenue is base on a garden theme with all the roses in the background. This piece of art is a closed-back window display with the art element of color, unity, balance and repetition.
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The Guerlain window displays is also based on the theme of the garden, it is closed-back glass store front. There is some proportion and contrast going on in this display using the rose petal dress to catch your attention first and then move on to the product that it is presenting
Saks Fifth Avenue has 40 store locations though out America they have 6 international locations including two in Mexico City one in Almaty, Bahrain, San Juan and also Dubai. Saks is now spreading there business international to reach as many different clients as possible.