Paul Langan

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  • Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia in 1972.
  • Paul Langan grew up with his mother in southern New Jersey
  • He worked several varies of jobs such as stock person, shoe store, attendant at a horse ranch, landscaper at a mental hospital, and a night-shift stock person in a warehouse
  • In 1991 he enrolled at Camden County College
  • In 1992 he transferred to La Salle University where he studied creative writing and earned a B.A. in English
  • After graduation he worked as a nonprofit agency in Philadelphia and then joined Townsend Press (TP) as an Assistant Editor
  • Recently, Paul completed a master's degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania

The Bully

A kid name Darrell that moves from Philadelphia to California. But when he gets to he's new schools he finds a bully name Tyray who quickly starts bullying him, but when Darrell fights back something bad happens that will shock everyone on the next episode

Someone To Love Me

Cindy Gibson is struggling as her mother is going out with a stormy boyfriend that is disrespectful in rude to her, and who hits on her mother when shes not around. She thinks her mothers boyfriend does drugs but she doesn't know if he does, find out next time on the next episode.