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IMPORTANT: Texas Training Center Closing--TELPAS Documentation

The Texas Training Center, the site that houses TELPAS training, is going to close October 16, 2015. If you have ever been a TELPAS rater, you need to go onto https://texas.pearson.desire2learn.com/ to download and save any completed coursework certificates of completion and training records from prior TELPAS trainings. If you need help accessing your account or downloading documents, contact Pearson Customer Service at 800-627-0225.

If you have EVER completed TELPAS rater training, you will want to print these records so that you do not have to go back to square 1 on your training!!

Revised Math TEKS Professional Development

The Revised Math TEKS (grades K–8 and 9–12) professional development courses are now available for fall 2015 attexasmathsupportcenter.org. Each grade-band course contains four modules: Supporting Documents, Applying the Mathematical Process Standards, Completing the Gap Analysis, and Achieving Fluency and Proficiency. CPE credit for each module is 3 hours.

ELPS Professional Development

Implementing the ELPS, ELPS for Administrators, and the ELPS Academy online professional development courses are now available for fall 2015 at www.esc20.net/elps. CPE credit varies by course.

Gateway Resources

Many of the Project Share resources for teachers and students are available on the Gateway. The following documents provide descriptions and links: