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Week of December 7, 2015

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Bragging on our Students...and Teachers!

Ms. Barnett and Ms. Duncan are recognizing student success. Please read on to hear how they are doing this at Suwanee...

On Wednesdays, I am sending a student to read a poem on the morning announcements. This incentive has been a great way for my students to read a little more at home and work on fluency and public speaking. The students and their families have been very excited to be a part of the readings! One particular student mentioned to me that his mom is now helping him prepare for his reading at home. I am letting students who are working hard get a moment to shine while learning about poetry...and of course read more.

Jennifer Duncan has been wonderful and is working with me on this. She even makes backdrops that represent the poem for the student to stand in front of. We are proud of how the students are giving more attention to details and building confidence!!!

Working on the Work this Week at Suwanee


K-2 WOW Day-Please plan to meet in the Mind Meld room at 7:30. We will begin promptly at 7:45. Look for an email on Monday with the agenda for our work.

ILT-Please bring your laptops to the MindMeld Room where we are working in SLDS with G. Eaton.

Committee Meetings-Reminder that all fundraising proposals for 3rd Quarter are due for approval no later than January 5, 2016. Therefore, Relay for Life and other teams who raise money second semester must turn in their proposals as soon as possible.

Thursday Staff Development:

Our focus will be on reading and text dependent questions.

Winter Energy Savings-From the Director of Building Maintenance

With the addition of over a million square feet of building space and no increase to the utility budget, we are asking for your help to reduce utility costs over winter break. Please ask your staff to do the following prior to leaving for the break:

switch off all lights

shut down or switch computers off (not all computers are part of auto shut down)

switch off monitors and printers

ensure no equipment is left on standby and unplug all non-essential items

With cooler weather approaching, please also remind staff that space heaters are prohibited in all areas of an educational facility by Fire Code.

Thank you for taking the time to share this information and for supporting the District's energy initiatives.

Welcome, Selina Judd!

On Monday, December 7, Ms. Selina Judd will join our team as the newest paraprofessional at Suwanee. Please extend a warm welcome to her when you see her working with our students. We are excited to have her talent and look forward to working with her!
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Mid Year RBES Data Update

Please make sure your F&P levels are updated and all other areas of your RBES data spreadsheets by January 5, 2016. All Midyear RBES Implementation Plan Updates must be updated in the GTES Tool by January 15, 2016.

If you received a comment about your implementation plan during the evaluator sign-off phase of RBES, please make sure you include this data or evidence in your midyear implementation update.

ESOL Endorsement Option

TALC Program

  1. 20 seat hours + 10 at home hours

  2. Teachers to take the ESOL GACE test

  3. Will include teachers from across the NG cluster

  4. Tuesday or Wednesday (tbd) meeting days (10 days)

  5. Sessions start January 12th or 13th

  6. Session hours will be 4:30 until 6:30

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100% use of discussion board by January 1, 2016 is the expectation at Suwanee

Week At-A-Glance

Monday, December 7

Last day for Toys for Tots

Tuesday, December 8

K-2 Working on the Work Day (Prompt start at 7:45)

6:00 - Junior Achievement Parent meeting

Wednesday, December 9

10:00 - 2nd Grade Classroom Winter Celebration

11:05 - 5th Grade Classroom Winter Celebration

7:30 - Chorus Practice

7:30 - Chess Club

2:45 - Tech Club

Thursday, December 10

7:00 - All Pro Dad Meeting

11:40 - 1st Grade Classroom Winter Celebration

12:30 - 4th Grade Classroom Winter Celebration

2:45 - Orchestra Club

6:00 - Winter Chorus Concert

Friday, December 11

7:15 - Readers Rally

9:15 - 3rd Grade Classroom Celebration

12:15 - Kindergarten Classroom Winter Celebration

Saturday, December 12

Crescendo Strings Winter Concert (Theater at Lanier High School)