Roanoke Sound

Jordyn Wood

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Roanoke Sound

The Roanoke Sound is a NC estuary system. It separates Roanoke Island and the Outer Banks. It is located along the Barrier Islands.

Roanoke Sound Waterways

Roanoke Sound isn't connected to any rivers, streams, etc. It is only surrounded by the Croatan Sound, the Palmico Sound, and the Albemarle Sound.

Importance of Estuaries

Estuaries provide homes for many sea creatures and regulate the salt content entering the rivers and streams. Lots of young marine life grow up in this area, where they can be nourished by the many nutrients that estuaries contain. Estuaries also help regulate the amount of erosion and flooding caused by the ocean.

Animals in the Roanoke Sound

Threats to the Roanoke Sound

There many threats to this estuary system, along with many others. This includes any and all water pollution, mainly run-off, and building development, which encroaches upon the land that estuaries having, causing the loss of many animal's habitats.