Come to our Event!

Our Special Christmas Event is Coming Soon!!

We invite you to join us at our Christmas Party, located in the North Pole. We will provide a a full on meal including: appetizers, a meal of your chose, dessert, and plenty of hot beverages.

Chirstmas Spectacular of the Year

Saturday, Dec. 20th, 5pm-10am

The North Pole

This event will be located in a nice and toasty environment. When on your way you will notice many arctic animals. The location is at the tip-top of the North Pole.

P.S. While traveling you might want to pack some warm cloths!!

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

The Agenda for the Party

5:00-5:30; Get everyone situated

5:30-6:00; Enjoy some refreshments

6:00-7:00; Sit down and enjoy a meal together

7:00-8:00; Have a little get together and talk

8:00-9:00; Play a few fun games, have a few snacks and some beverages

9:00-10:00; Get situated and ready for bed

Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me (Audio)