The primary focus of our writing continues to be on developing a message and staying close to the topic. Students are doing a great job of this and are getting better at adding details that tell the reader more about their message. We are now adding on the concept of using an introduction or catchy beginning and and ending or sense of closure.

If we were to insist that ALL words be spelled correctly, students would only write stilted sentences with the words they know. While we do expect children to write their 'word wall words' correctly (spelling words), they have learned several strategies to tackle tricky words:

  • Say words slowly and record what you hear.
  • Think of a word you know to help you. ('and' will help you write 'stand')
  • Clap longer words (syllables) and write each part. (yes-ter-day)

It's amazing how much growth students are already exhibiting as their writing becomes more readable and organized. We can't wait to share this with you at parent conferences!

Homework and Accountability

Students do have reading, and spelling homework each day. Some days, they have math homework as well. As teachers and parents, we know that your lives are busy. While homework is important and we expect students to complete it daily, we also know there may be a day here and there that you just don't get it in. Please use your judgement and know that we are okay with you taking an extra day. Please wait to sign your child's busy week sheet until homework has been completed. Students should be asking you to sign it after homework is completed as part of their responsibility. We will stamp the busy week sheet when it is done.


Conference confirmation notes will be sent home later this week. If you are having an early conference (Nov. 7) you have already been notified. Please know that our conferences are scheduled for 15 minutes and they run back to back in most cases. We will try to stay on time and would appreciate a knock at the door if your starting time has passed. Thank you, also, for being on time to your conference. We will have chairs and books/writing supplies in the hallway for children to use during our parent/teacher conference.

We LOVE meeting you for conferences and want to be as helpful as possible. Please watch your child's folder for an optional form (to send back) with questions to ask ahead of time so we can be prepared to address your needs in the short time that we have.


You may order Scholastic books at any time from Enter our class activation code: H4YWF. There are no shipping costs when you order online. Books are delivered to our classroom and sent home with students. If at any time you would like the books to be a surprise, just let me know and I will leave them in the office for you. I will send home book order fliers regularly so you can see what new titles are available that you and your child might enjoy.


We are asking that you make practicing shoe tying a priority for the next period of time. (If your child is already doing this well, that is great.) Tying shoes independently will help us have more time on task. THANK YOU!


Several parents have asked if there are classroom needs you can help with. Following are a few items we could really use if you are able to help. The first item will be needed on a regular basis, so if you are able to stock up when you find a sale, we would really appreciate it. We seem to use at least one container each day..

  • WET ONES brand wipes. **
  • Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 3 mil, 8.9"x11.4" (Amazon)
  • DAP brand Blue Stik adhesive putty. (Amazon)
  • Mavalus brand tape- any color. (Amazon or Learning Shop)
  • Inexpensive clipboards. (Walmart or Amazon)


We will continue to be a peanut and dairy free classroom as we have students who react to these items when touched. Please help us keep our classroom safe by sending snacks that are peanut and dairy free. THANK YOU!