Partly Cloudy

By Aubrey Keim

Movie Moment

The movie shows that Gus loves his job and wants to be wanted.


Peck gets hut because Gus makes aggressive animals. Person v. Person.


Characters/ Background

Gus is a cloud that makes baby animals. Peck is Gus's friend that delivers the animals he makes.


The setting is in the sky.

Rising Action

Event #1

Gus bakes an alligator, and Peck is afraid to take it.

Event #2

Gus makes a ram and the ram Rams into Peck

Event #3

Gus made a Porcupine and Peck put his hands on it thinking it was a sheep, and Gus makes a shark which scares Peck off.


Gus gets sad and angry, and makes a storm. Peck returns with padding.

Falling Action

Event # 1

Peck returns with football gear.

Event #2

Gus gives Peck an eel to deliver.


Gus and Peck work together happily.