John Cena

A new world wrestler champion in action

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Today on the news

Today on the news we had a look at some event and as we looked we saw a new heavy weight champion John cena make his move in the WWE. In the paragraphs below we will tell you about him and his carrier.

About Him

John cena is a WWE wrestling champion who is know for his style an ability to put down a opponent no mater how big or strong they are. His win percentage is 86% and his loss percentage is 54%. His wrestling name is "the Prototype" but his fans just call him John cena.

Time Line

1977, April 23 in West Newbury Massachusetts are champion was born, growing up to love watching his future job, WWE. This wrestler is know for a lot of things including his rap songs, movie acting, and even wining the title and becoming a world heavy weight champion. John cena has won his first title in 2000 and also geting his new name, the prototype. In 2002 he make his name known to WWE by participating to SmackDown events to soon join the Raw division. 2005 he joins the Raw division to become one of the most famous wrestlers in WWE.

Him Today

John cena is now 38 years old and alive and kicking. We do not know when John cena will surprise the world again but we do know that he is still fighting his way to victory.If you are interested to learn more go to to learn more.
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