Note Culturelle ch. 2

by Kenzie McDowell

Meal time

When visiting someone in France for a meal, it is customary for them to bring a gift such as candy or flowers. While having dinner, you should also avoid certain topics when having conversations such as the person's age, profession, salary, and political affliction.


When complimenting a french person's home or possessions, you will respond with the same phrases used when people compliment your clothing or appearance, such as tu trouves? C'est vrai? Vraiment? or C'est gentile! All of these are typical responses to compliments, not just merci.

Notre-dame de Chartres

One of the most famous gothic cathedrals, built in the thirteenth century. It's easily recognized by its different towers, including the plain romanesque tower to the left and the ornate gothic tower on the right. Chartres still remains with most of its original stained-glass windows, known for their variety of colors. The intelligence of Gothic construction is presented in its flying buttresses and its light-filled interior.