Shattuck Middle School News

By. Stasia Valeri

The warm weather

Warm weather has rose upon Shattuck Middle School now in lunch and gym we get time outside to run, walk, and enjoy the beautiful weather Wisconsin has. During lunch we get to go enjoy the weather by walking the track, and hanging out with friends.

Once upon a time

This year in Web 2.0 we created many projects. But one of my favorites is creating our own book with the website StoryBird. I created a fairytale book, called The Magical Woods about a magical fairy, witch, and the prince. This project is fun because we got to pick a theme, pictures, and create a story.

Culinary Arts

This year I took culinary arts, it was super fun because we made lot's of different foods. We also learned about the foods and made projects. We made tacos, and lot's of other foods.