Cervical Cap

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What Category of Contraceptive Would a Cervical Cap fall in?

The Cervical cap is a barrier, because it creates a vacuum seal that creates a barrier between the uterus and a man's sperm.

How Do You Use A Cervical Cap?


- Take comfortable position for inserting cervical cap. Either you can stand and keep one leg on the chair or lay down on the floor or bed with both the knees bent.
- Separate lips of the vagina
- Squeeze the rim of cervical cap with one hand and insert it deep inside the vagina
- With fingers, cover the area of cervix
- Test the suction of cervical cap by gently pushing and pulling up the cap. If you feel the resistance, it means the cap is properly inserted

How Does A Cervical Cap Work?

The Cervical Cap covers the uterus while having intercourse, this ensures that the man’s sperm cannot enter the woman’s uterus therefore protecting her from getting pregnant. Spermicide should be added to the edges and the inside of the Cervical Cap. Spermicide immobilizes sperm before they can reach the cervix and swim into the uterus (ultimately killing them). In order for spermicide to work it must be applied deep inside the vagina close to the cervix (this is why a Cervical Cap works very well with Spermicide). Creams, gels and foams are squirted into the vagina using an applicator

How Much Does a Cervical Cap Cost?

A Cervical Cap should be replaced every year. The cost to buy a new one is approximately $70 but the price can go upward of $200. In order to get a Cervical Cap it is recommended that you visit a doctor. They will order a precise measurement to fit the opening of your cervix to make sure that it fits snugly into the opening of your cervix. Most health care plans will cover the cost of the cervical cap and OHIP, covers the cost of the visit to the doctors. The spermicide will be around 50 cents for a one time use bottle or you can buy a new product called “ContraGel”. ContraGel is a 100% natural and vegan spermicide alternative. It is used with a FemCap (Cervical Cap) or Diaphragm to create a safe, effective, and totally natural birth control system, these retail for about £14.99 or 30.91 Canadian Dollars.

Where Are Some Locations That I Might be Able to Purchase a Cervical Cap?

We recommend getting your Cervical Cap through your family doctor so that precise measurements can be taken to ensure the snuggest fit, if the Cervical Cap is too big it will not be able to be pushed all the way back so that the cervix is blocked, if forced back could cause serious injury. If the Cervical Cap is too small however it will not be able to fully cover the cervix opening and could let sperm into the uterus potentially resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. But if you insist on buying your own there is a website (http://buyfemcap.com/store/contragel-natural-spermicide.html).