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Mark H.

When I am Reading

When I am reading I feel as if i am transported to another world where anything is possible. I usually read four times a week almost always at night. When I get into a book I really bond with the characters and feel like I know them. I also like good books just like I like good movies. The only thing different is that you can picture a book in your head.
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Keep Reading

I picked this because, if you keep reading, gradually you will increase your vocabulary and become smarter. Another plus is that you can go to marvelous places and a book and experience great entertainment.

A Whole New World

I picked this video clip because when I read a book I feel like I can go anywhere a book takes me. Especially ones that I really get into.
A Whole New World

Books That I Have Really Enjoyed Reading

Elephant Run

A History of Weapons

The Rangers Apprentice series

My favorite book series has always been the Ranger's Apprentice which I was introduced to by a close friend. I love the action in this book and the characters.

About Me + 10

I am in middle school right now and I love to play lots of sports. My favorite sport is football. I have a big sister and a dog named Maddie. I love the Summer because of the warm weather and that's when school is out. I also love action packed books!

1. When I read I always have a vivid picture in my mind of the current setting

2. I have a very good vocabulary when I read

3. I am very good with using context clues

4. I always read at night

5. I always finish books that I start

6. My favorite genre is action

7. I am very interested in the lore involved in books

8. I always love to see movies after I have read the book about them

9. I never use bookmarks

10. I love book series!!

Latest Blog Entry

Recently I read a book called Ranger's Apprentice.
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Guy's Read

Guy's Read is a reading recommendation created by author, Jon Sceiszka. This website is mainly geared towards guys as guys are harder to get reading because they are picky.


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