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"Retirees' Social Security checks garnished for student loans"

Taken from CNN Money, this article is talking about the social security benefits being taken from them by the government. The retirees are getting some of there social security benefits taken from them because of old student loans that they have forgotten about. Cohen says " social security is a means of survival,food, shelter and medication." The loans may be small but if you don't pay them back fast than they accumulate interest over time so you are paying more than what you actually thought.

The amount taken from these checks isn't small. The average social security monthly check is roughly $1,200. The amount normally taken is around $180.The social workers are seeing a increase in mental and physical health with social security checks garnished.

Shown in the government data that in the US, in the year 2013, more than 150 million dollars were garnished from their social security checks.

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Sustained Lower Gas Prices Could Drive Economic Growth

Taken from Us and world economic news this article talks about the economy growing. It is suspected that the gas prices will lower $1 less. This could be potentially 1,000/month more for each household to spend other things. Oil is dropping lower and lower each day which causes this to lower the price of gasoline.