Muddy Troll Skulls Company

This will give you a scare

The Muddy Troll Skull Company is offering a house with-

  • 2 Kids bedrooms with additional Frankenstein creator
  • 3 Master bedrooms with free mud bed
  • 1 BIG kitchen with free hand stools and stands
  • 7 hot mud tubs with free jets and all you say BOO to turn them on
  • the last thing is the free creepy organ
Big image

The house right now is for sale for $300,750

House Completions

This house is 300 years old and it does have a few loose floor boards and only about 6 bats get in 10 tops the beds are really big and really muddy just like people like it.

I want to buy this house info

You can contact us by Phone,Facebook, and Email. This info is above this and remember this house is $300,750 so pleas buy the house.