Not as Radiant as you think it is...


Atomic Symbol: Ra

Atomic Number: 88

Atomic Weigh: 226

Group: 2

Period: 7

Color: Metallic

Classification: Metallic

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Discovered in 1898 Marie and Pierre Curie in North Bohemia. They found it in Pitchblende, a material that contains Uranium. Since Radium can be found in Uranium, they could discover it.

Where can it be found?

In the current day, Radium can be found as a byproduct of Uranium. Uranium can be found in countries such as Canada, United States and Australia.

Radium Properties

Radium is white and fresh at the beginning, but becomes black at air exposure. This is cause because of the nitride in the air.

Melting Point: 700 °C

Boiling Point: 1737 °C

Density as Solid: 5000 kg m

Interesting Facts

-Radium Has no Biological use except to treat some types of Cancer.

-Radium is part of the alkaline earth group of metals.

-It is the heaviest alkaline earth metal.

-Reacts Violently to water