SLA Decor

By Taalib & Dashawn

Our Process

Our process has been a very long one that has not been yet fully completed, but it will be. To do our project we used the vinyl cutter. We are using this because this machine allows you to cut out letters objects etc on the vinyl cutter. This lets you make such things as posters and letters.


So when we first started this project we were so lost in what it was that we wanted to do, we were spitting out all kinds of things. We then decided let’s do something that involves with the school, such as college names around the school building. We had everything set, and then we came to realize that the machine was no longer working.


We finally got someone to help fix the machine. Once this happened we start trying to figure out, so what colleges would we like to put around the school? Some of our colleges are Morehouse College, Spelman College, Georgia Tech, etc.