Why the Union is in Danger

Reformer VS Inaction

Khristina and the OTHER board members have worked toward REFORM


We have worked hard to make the union more RESPONSIVE to your needs

We have represented you with admin, and turned things around

We have set an organizing plan in place which directly identifies exactly how to overcome the things that have impeded progress

We have improved, significantly, the union's relationship with the district

What Khristina Has Done For YOU.....

Removal of Write Ups

Halted Improper Investigations

Reprimands and Training Ordered for Supervisors/Principals- Teachers, Maintanance, Mechanics

Changes to Paraprofesional Evaluation Documents

Americans with Disabilities Act Reasonable Accomadations

Employee Transfers

Workman's Comp Compliance

FMLA Compliance

Restored Wages, Docked Pay Reversals

TEA Comliance- Disruptive Student Removal

TEA Compliance- Special Education

TEA Complinace- Classroom Ratios

TEA Compliance- Conference Time

TEA Compliance- Duty Free Lunch

NCLB Compliance- Paras Subbing

NCLB Compliance- Paras 15 min breaks

Custodians- Work Overload

Custodians- Bullying by other school related personnel

Bus Drivers- Suspension removed

Settlement Awarded to change status from TERMINATED to RESIGNED, retroactive

Restore All Employees right to choose how to use state and personal days- effective 2015-2016

Board Policy Advice on Anti-Bullying **tentative May 19

Child Nutrition- Changes to Employee Handbook, Removal of Write-Ups

ISP and PGP changes to make success acheivable

Stopped Teachers/Paras from having to sweep/mop floors in Pre-K Center

Stopped Principal from Locking Parking Lot in Schools

Stopped Teacher from having to Pay for Lost Textbooks/Materials

Advice on the RIGHT way to give a personal statement

Improving School Climate

District Survey of Staff With Principals that Bully Ordered

Vote- Khristina Hogan- Aldine AFT President

Don't forget to mail in your ballot and COME to the Membership Meeting on May 20 to make sure your vote is counted!

The stakes are high -- let's not lose the power of our union to the unqualified