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SSAE Middle School News Bulletin



The SSAE middle school team is excited to announce the arrival of STEAM focused PBLs!

What does this mean? PBL is Project Based Learning where students will work on challenging problems that integrate multiple content areas.

Has your scholar spoken to you about Future Cities? Future Cities was phase 1 of our move to STEAM focused PBLs for this academic year, integrating English, art, math, and engineering.

When students returned from fall break, we began phase 2. In phase 2, students met their new work group zones and learned about choice. Students will now have more choice in the order of subjects and assignments during their day. As they work, teachers meet with individuals, small groups, or whole groups of scholars, providing specialized or supporting instruction. The ability to deliver student specific instruction helps our students build their skills, propelling them to higher academic achievement!

Phase 3 will begin after the winter break! In phase 3, we will see the introduction of not 1, not 2, but 3 ELECTIVES! Students will have the choice of coding, art, or applied Digital Skills! In addition, the PBLs will fully integrate all content areas and include design challenges to build our student's engineering skills!

Our scholars will think, write, reflect, calculate, present, and question in ways that will engage and challenge them to be critical thinkers! The SSAE middle school is moving full steam ahead with our scholars into futures filled with possibilities!

Keep your eye on our school's Twitter feed for exciting in action updates on what we're doing. Our student Roving Reporters will be on the job soon!


The Middle School Team