Best marketing of 2015


Microsoft has good marketing by showing what possibilities we have with each new computer being produce and what windows 10 can do for us.


Founded by Steve jobs in 1976. Apple is one of the largest leading phone brand in today's society. It has a simple layout for new people to get use to the phone a lot easier.


Sony shows us that every possibilities in the world can become true if you believe it. Sony shows with each new product they produce that possibilities can become real.

Best Product of 2015

Dark Souls 2

Dark souls franchise is a challenging game which test the player's skill to dodge attacks, fight npcs, and be victorious against the bosses. Dark souls had over 10 thousand copies sold on the first day. I found this information on steam where I bought the game on first day.

Fallout 4

The fallout franchise is a role-playing game which allows the player to customize his or her character to their liking. It allows player to choose their own play style like stealth, gunman, energy weapons or explosive weapons to better suit the player. It was a highly anticipated of 2015.

Worst Product of 2015

BioShock Infinite

The bioshock franchise was suppose to be a horror, shooter, adventure but the latest game was just an action, shooter game that kinda disappointed me. It didn't have the thrill like bioshock 1 or 2 because you had to be on your toes every time you turn. I hope they will make a better bioshock game that will live up to it's former legacy.

Dead Space 3

Dead Space franchise is a horror, shooter, adventure game like bioshock but it's atmosphere was a lot scarier than bioshock. Dead space 1 and 2 were good horror game that would always make you scared to turn any corner or turn around. The game disappointed me by changing from a scary horror to a shooter game which didn't live up to it's legacy.

Best Movie of 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star wars the force awakens was the best movie of 2015 but I didn't watch it. Star wars was marketed on trailers, billboard, posters, ads, celebrities endorsement, white house which made it a really anticipated movie for star wars fans.

Big Hero 6

Big hero 6 is my favorite movie of 2015. It's funny while making it a good movie for kids. They had lots of ads on tv for big hero 6 when it was about to release.

Musical Artists of 2015

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 has some good music I like to listen to also make good music videos too. I guess they market themselves when it pops up on YouTube like all the other musical artists.


I love watching Psy's music videos they are funny to watch and catchy to listen to. Psy also market himself on YouTube when his music shows up & the trending music tab on YouTube too.

Top 5 List

1:The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

2:Fallout 4

3:Grand Theft Auto V

4:Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

5:Tales From the Borderlands

New Year's Resolutions

Same like last year get good grades.