Come on Down to Texas

And Find Your Real Home

Do not worry it is not to far

Here in Texas we have a great variety of options to chose from, such as a lot of railroads for transportation, fertile soil, healthy people,cheep land, and much much more plus your always welcomed.


The land is only 12.5 cents per acre and can be paid over years, but do not think your the only one coming to Texas, people from Mississippi, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, and more are comming so you might just get neighbors.


There is lots of timber around to make houses, or as the people here like to call it a dog-run. Most of the houses have one room,(unless you build another) a fire place used for cooking and warmth.


Food here is not a struggle because we have anything from berries to fish.Hunting is a common activity for the natives and provides well for large familys.


  • Must be Catholic
  • Must follow the laws
  • No slavery