7th Grade Math Syllabus

Mr. Wilson's Class

Welcome to 7th grade math! We are going to have a busy year. There are tremendous amounts of skills to be mastered in this level math. We must work at a fairly rapid pace in order to cover all material in a single class period. Below you will find everything you need to help you have a successful year.

Classroom Expectations

• Be Early.

• Be Prepared.

• Be Focused.

• Be Respectful.

• Be Courteous.


• ALL WORK MUST BE DONE IN PENCIL!! (5pts will be deducted if it is not done in pencil).

• Make sure your name is on your paper! (10pts will be deducted for no name).

• Assignments provide essential practice. Any assignment that is not completed in class will be due the next day.

• Classwork: Consists of Warm-ups, class discussion, activities, notes, worksheets, and tests.

• Homework: reinforces, reviews, practices and extends the learning process and content from the classroom. Students can expect a reasonable amount of homework weekly.

Class Supplies

Pencils. Red Pen.

Notebook Paper. Map Colors

A Spiral for a Math Journal. 3-Ring Binder

Tardy Policy

• Excessive tardiness will result in disciplinary action.

• Late student must sign the Tardy Sign In Sheet when entering class after the tardy bell.

Course Topics

1st Six Weeks

Unit 01: Numerical Understanding: Integers and Positive Rational Numbers

Unit 02: Numerical Operations: Integers and Positive Rational Numbers

2nd Six Weeks

Unit 03: Proportionality: Similar Figures, Representations, and Applications

Unit 04: Geometry: Coordinate Plane, Graphing Transformations, and Perspectives

3rd Six Weeks

Unit 05: Algebraic Expressions and Equations

Unit 06: Algebraic Representations and Applications

4th Six Weeks

Unit 07: Geometry and Measurement: Two-Dimensional

Unit 08: Measurement: Three-Dimensional

5th Six Weeks

Unit 09: Statistical Representations and Analysis

Unit 10: Probability

6th Six Weeks

Unit 11: Making Connections

Unit 12: Catering Investigation

Classroom Procedures

• Check the Objective and Agenda every day when you enter class.

• Go to the Restroom before class: you will receive two restroom passes per semester for emergencies.

• If the door is closed or locked, line up along the wall and be patient.

• Sharpen pencils before the bell rings.

• Complete the Warm Ups every day; turn in on Friday for a grade.

• Raise your hands to raise questions, make a statement or a request; do not interrupt a lesson to leave the classroom.

• Everyone must turn in Homework: If you do not have your homework you must complete a pink homework slip.

• If you are tardy you must sign the Tardy Sign In; frequent tardiness will result in classroom consequences.

• Absent students must check the Absence folders for the day missed to get notes and practice.

• The weekly Classroom Manager will assist in the adherence of these procedures.

• Pick up all trash under and around desks; No food, drinks, or candy in the classroom.

• Follow all other norms and expectations.

• Follow all Athens ISD Rules.

Grading Policy

• Major grades (unit tests, projects, etc) will count 50% of the six weeks grade.

• Quizzes will count 25% of the six weeks grade.

• Daily grades and homework will count as 25% of the six-week grade.

• Students that do not complete their homework will fill out a No Homework Slip upon entering class.

• Late assignments other than homework will result in a 10 point reduction per day for a maximum of three days after which a grade of fifty may be given for work completed

• Retesting is an option for students only after re- teaching has taken place. The re-teaching and re- testing is scheduled at a convenient time for the teacher and must be within a reasonable time frame (not to exceed 5 school days). There will be a 10% reduction on each retest, with a maximum of two re- test opportunities.

• It is the responsibility of the student to obtain assignments and turn them in following an absence.

• The number of days to turn in make-up work equals the number of days absent. For example, if a student is absent two days, he receives two extra days to complete the work missed through the two-day absence. See the Absence Folders for work.