Weekly Launch

November 5-9


Tuesday is considered a professional day. Please arrange child care for your children. They should not be on campus. The only time we can make exceptions is on the early release days. Thank you for understanding.

We are providing lunch on Tuesday. It will be delivered around 11:30 a.m. Please be sure to turn in your schedule at the end of your day. Reach out to SPED/BLock if you need their participation

Subs-Please, please, please secure your subs for trainings at least a week in advance. We are experiencing a serious shortage of subs right now. The trainings are important to attend and I hate for you to miss them due to not putting in for a sub early. If you sub job does not fill for a training, you will need to stay on campus.

Color Printers-Please be sure you are not printing black and white items to the color printers. Those items should be going to a black and white printer or preferably the Xerox machine!

Important Dates

November 5-Kinder planning-a.m.

Gamer Truck for fundraising

Watch DOG-Ramon Gonzalez-Criswell-Music, Florez-PE, Kramer-Art

C4-1st grade

November 6-Parent Conference Day

November 7-Picture Retakes

Buckels off campus a,.m.

PTA Executive board meeting-11:30 and PTA meeting-12:30


Watch DOG-Michael Caric-Bach-PE

C4-3rd grade

November 8-

Watch DOG-Javier Garza-Coipel-Art


November 9-Grading period for progress reports end

Science Fair Judging

Watch DOG-Brandon Robinson-Reed-PE

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Patriotism

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Morning Announcements-Criswell

Big picture

Curriculum Corner


*Guided Math teacher groups are being formed, focused on students who came without the appropriate math skills, students who are not showing growth towards grade level goals, or students who are advanced thinkers and need extra enhanced learning.

Math 3-5

Math tools are available for use on STAAR by special populations (SPED, ELL, 504, and SST). Teachers should be collecting data on students that will need to use such tools on the day of STAAR. This information is best collected as students work in the classroom and is the reason tools should always be present for students to choose. The work of teachers is to move students from accurate use of concrete tools to accurate representational drawings and/or on to the most abstract symbolic ways…only as the student is ready for such methods.

*Guided Math teacher groups have been formed, focused on students who came without the appropriate prerequisite math skills, students who are not showing growth towards Fourth grade goals for place value from billions to hundredths or fractional understandings, or students who are advanced thinkers and need extra enhanced learning.

Listening and Speaking Activities that support the Curriculum

When having students turn & talk, you could add these steps to ensure that everyone is engaged and provided the opportunity to listen and speak.

-Pose a question.

-Give think time.

-Provide students a scaffolded sentence stem. (ex. I think ___________ because _________.)

-Let them know who is talking first and who goes next (ex. Student with the longest hair goes first)

-Provide equal talk time.

-Decide on a signal to know when talk time is over.

-Teacher listens in to check for understanding.

Here’s a quick video:


Compliment Corner

This compliment is for:

Haley Deem because she is always there to help our friend when I need the extra support! Thank you!-Tracey Florez

Debbie Joiner because she always invites me in to watch her students try new things. Thanks for trying so hard!-Sandy Varner

Pamela Baggett because she is our LOL person and collects as well as keeps track of our funds. Thank you!

Susan Bush because she came in my room and went right to kids to help! I love when she visits-Nicole Janese

Please submit attendance on time!