Environmental Study Project

Eli Mercado


The Average temperature right now is is 59 degrees . The average yearly rainfall in florida is 85.342 inches .Also the State of florida's average rain fall gets over 50 inches each year . Todays Temperature was high and reached the mid 70's .Also the first day of winter in central florida is on saturday and it is going to the low 80's .The average high is 73 Degrees.Central Florida starts out the day in the 40's .Next on Friday it will reach the mid 70's

Natural Disaster

Some natural disasters that occurred in Orlando Florida in the past years is Hurricane Wilma and it was in the year 2005 the date was 10/24 .One of the Serve and tropical storms that occur is in 2007 there was a Severe storm tornadoes and also a flooding. The last Natural disaster that was a fire Hazard was in 1998 it was a Extreme fire and that has happened only one time in Orlando Florida.The last Tornado that occurred in Orlando was in 2007 February, 08.


Orlando use to be called Jernigan ,also it was named after the Jernigan family . Also they established the first permanent settlement in Jernigan town. There was a man named Aaron Jernigan.The Current population for Orlando Florida is 249,562.Orlando Florida got its name around 1836 when the soldier named Aaron Jernigan died in orlando during the war against Seminole Indian tribe.Orlando Florida's Nickname is The City Beautiful also The Sunshine State.


The reason why people in Orlando Florida don't buy 2 story houses .Is because of the hurricanes that occur in Florida and they get destroyed . The Average People per Household is 2.22 ,Median age of population is 35.4 .The percentage of housing owned in Orlando Florida is 38.7 % also the Average people that rent in Orlando Florida is %61.3 .The Current population for Orlando Florida is 249,562.In my neighborhood there are one story houses only also in most of the houses there are 3 bedroom two bath no more than that .


The Alligator is the most popular animal in Florida because of the everglades .The Everglades Alligator farm is home is over 2,000 various sizes. Alligators and crocodiles don't migrate in the everglades they were released by a man from Scotland named Willam Wollis .They live in swamps because they mainly eat birds there mostly in the swampy waters and wetlands.Also Alligators could live in cold weather


The population for orange counties race is for white-754,104 Black-219,085 Asian-46,261 Mixed-17,585 American Indian-4,947 .The most Common culture in our neighborhood is Hispanic's. And i'm Puertorican .Orlando has such a large mix of people and is a very transient state.Also My Whole family is Hispanic and most of my family is from chicago ,Illinois

My Maps

I picked mill creek because i go there alot on the weekend and thats my Cousins Natalia's House .The second place i picked is Waterford lakes because i go there a lot to movies and to shop for clothes .The Third pace i picked was Fashion square mall is because i go there to watch movies ,eat ,or shop for clothes