Sports in the 1930's

Dust Bowls and Fastballs

The First NFL "Dream Team"

It is the year 1931, the NFL has just begun, and the league is in its 9th season. Little known to anyone that this particular year of professional football would be in the history books. The Green Bay Packers, led by legendary coach and player, Curly Lambeau, will win their 3rd consecutive NFL title this season, the first time in NFL history. This impressive feat will only be replicated one other time, also by the Packers in 1965.

The "Usain Bolt" of the 30's

Nowadays, we all know the fastest man in the world is the incredible Usain Bolt, who won the title in 2009 with a speed of 9.28 m/s, but in the 1930's, this title was held by another name, a man known as Jesse Owens. He claimed this prestigious title at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin with a, then astounding, speed of 10.3 m/s.
Jesse Owens Wins 100m Olympic Gold in front of Hitler at 1936 Olympics

Jesse Owens Becomes "World's Fastest Man"

Monday, Aug. 3rd 1936 at 2pm

3 Olympischer Platz

Berlin, Berlin