DC Staff Update

3 May 2015

I'm grateful this week for...

Lots of good things happening lately, including many celebrations of learning and the annual combined DC/DBIS/RCHK sports day last week.

With only 8 weeks until the end of this academic year, I realise that there are many deadlines to meet around assessment, reporting, closing budgets as well as setting those for next year, annual planning, and so on. I appreciate your hard work with all of this.

Please look out for and support the fund raising efforts this week for the people in Nepal after their devastating earthquake. Rick, Lee and Peter M are to be thanked for their efforts here in working with students across the school to help this worthy cause.

New teachers arriving

A very big thank you to those teachers and EAs who offered their apartments for the new teachers arriving in July. As with every year, I have enough offers now to more than cater for all requests.

2015-16 curriculum budget bids

A reminder to Budget Holders that 2015-16 curriculum budget bids are due to me by next Friday 8 May. Please come and see me if you have any questions.

This week

Our Y13 start their Diploma exams this week. Please be sensitive to this if you are up near the 4/F. The exams run for the next 3 weeks up to Friday 22 May.
House assemblies will be on Tuesday in preparation for the House Picnic/Event the following Tuesday 12 May. Check the information that Kevin has sent out to everyone about this, including the Overview of the event and the Activities List.
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