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Welcome to Conservancy Kids!

We are so excited to have you with us on this virtual journey of inquiry and place-based learning! Right now we may be social distancing, but we're all connected by the awesomeness of science. We're junior scientists, exploring the natural world, asking questions, and making discoveries. Join us for an adventure that will take you outdoors, around the house, and into the incredible Sonoran Desert. Welcome to Conservancy Kids! We're excited to see you!

Nature Journaling Exploration

We've talked about nature journaling before and how it can help us explore and connect to the world around us. Nature journaling can also be used to as a scientific tool. Observations you write, draw, or record in any other creative way can provide information you can use to come up with explanations for the things you see.
Nature Journaling Exploration

Look Up!--Nature Journaling the Weather

Have you ever looked up at the sky and noticed big, fluffy clouds? Or maybe the sky was completely clear and a washed out blue. What have you noticed about the different temperatures where you live? Maybe sometimes it's super hot and everything feels dry. Or other times the temperature says it's cooler, but the air feels heavy and sticky. By documenting these observations through nature journaling and combining them with facts you can find (temperature, percent humidity, time of year), you can come up with explanations for the weather. Join Julia as she helps us start journaling about weather!

Exploring Weather through Nature Journaling

Resources to Help You Discover

Check out these different resources that can help you add to your understanding about the weather where you live:

Just typing in your city name and "weather" into Google search can also give you lots of information about the weather in your area!


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We're socially distanced but still connected by the awesomeness of science!

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Julia Colbert, Education Manager, Arizona Sustainability Alliance

Julia is a sustainability and environmental education educator, leader, and advocate. She recently graduated from the Arizona State University School of Sustainability with a Master of Arts in Sustainability. Her master’s research explored increasing sustainability literacy through nature journaling in school gardens. She collaborates with students, educators, and schools to bring sustainability solutions to their communities.

Nicole Kallman, Education Coordinator

Nicole loves science and exploration. In college, she studied physics and biology. Now, she shares her excitement about science with others, encouraging everyone to follow in the footsteps of Miss Frizzle: "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"