Mrs. Schettone's News

Week of September 21st-25th

Apple Investigations Week!

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This week in Kindergarten, we celebrated Apple Week! What a busy week it was! Students took part in many different activities that studied the parts, uses, characteristics, and history of apples! Students also learned a lot about John Chapman (also known as Johnny Appleseed)! We read several different books about Johnny Appleseed and watched several videos. Together, we created the anchor chart above listing all of the different facts we learned about Johnny! Students then wrote and illustrated one fact they learned about Johnny! Enjoy taking a look through all of our exciting lessons and activities!

Apple Sorting and Taste Test!

Together, we read the non-fiction book "Apples" and learned about their color, characteristics, types, and lifecycle. We then created an anchor chart stating what apples are, can, have! As a group, we sorted our apples by color and then we sorted by type and graphed our results! Afterwards, we performed an apple taste test! Students tasted a piece of each color apple and then chose their favorite! As a class, the winner was yellow (golden delicious)!


One of our favorite parts of apple week was making applesauce! Students assisted in placing the chopped apples into the slow cooker, adding water, sugar, and cinnamon! Students then drew pictures sequencing the steps that we took to create the applesauce. After it cooked, students were all given the opportunity to stir the applesauce to make sure that all of the apples had turned into a delicious liquid! At the end of the day, we all got to taste our fantastic creation! We hope you received our recipe in your child's folder and can enjoy it in your own homes this fall!

The Parts of an Apple and Reading Groups!

This week, our reading groups were "apple themed" and every literacy/math center had an apple focus as well! One reading group read "The Apple Tree", which focused on the lifecycle of an apple tree, our second reading group read "Applesauce", which focused on the steps taken to make applesauce, and finally our third reading group read "I see Apples", which focused on the color characteristics of apples! Throughout the week, students rotated through apple centers labeling the parts of an apple, creating a lifecycle of an apple wheel, reading mini apple books, counting apples, and continuing patterns with apples. Finally, we read a Scholastic News that focused on the lifecycle of an apple! Afterwards, we explored the online portal for our magazine where we got to follow along as the magazine was read to us, we watched a video about apples, and we got to sequence the lifecycle of an apple! We had a lot of fun this week reading and applying our recently learned knowledge about apples! As a treat after reading groups on Thursday, we got to have our third apple tasting, where we voted for which apple drink we liked best, apple cider or apple juice! The winner cider!

Apple Investigation Time!

Students performed two apple investigations this week with the apples they brought in! Our first investigation allowed for students to identify their apples' physical characteristics (shape, color, type, etc.). Our second investigation allowed for students to explore their apples' weight and height! Students measured their apples height using a non standard form of measurment, snap cubes! Students had to identify how many snap cubes high their apple was! Students then got to use a balance scale to measure the weight of their apple! The apple was placed on one side, while we counted how many snap cubes it would take to balance the apple! Students will wrap up their investigation Monday morning by making an apple print!

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!

On Friday, we celebrated Johnny Appleseed's Birthday with our Fellow Kindergarten Friends! Students rotated through several centers where they made a soup pot hat, a Johnny Appleseed Puppet, and also an apple name coloring sheet! We also made Apple Pancakes and then got to eat them after our centers were finished! We had an awesome day!

Star Sailor Brielle!

Brielle was our Star Sailor this week! On Monday, she shared her favorite book with us, "Little Critter: Just Big Enough!" On Tuesday, Brielle shared her All About Me Poster with us! We learned that she would like to be a doctor when she grows up and that she just became a big sister! On Wednesday, Brielle shared her favorite song with us, "Tomorrow" from the Annie Soundtrack! On Thursday, Brielle shared her favorite treat with us, cupcakes! On Friday, we made a Brielle a star sailor book! We had a great week learning about you!

School Festivities!

We celebrated our first spirit day on Friday-Crazy Sock Day! We got to have a Sock Hop at Pride time to show off our Craziness! Students had a great time and it started our day off right! Friday night, families had a great time enjoying burgers, dogs, and cupcakes from the food trucks prior to the start of the movie! Everyone got a chance to have a picnic on the playground, set up camp, and snuggle up in preparation for the movie HOME! It was a fantastic fall night and the weather could not have been more perfect! Thanks for all who came!

Have a fantastic weekend! ~Mrs. Schettone