What is a laptop?

First of all what is a laptop ? A laptop is like a mini computer with a touch pad. (P.S You could buy a mouse for it.) Anyway everything is the same as a computer so don't think its going to take forever to get used to the touch pad so you can't use it. You can take it anywhere you want to take it like to your grandparent's house or on a vacation and if you bring it somewhere you have to remember to bring the charger. You could also play online computer games with your friends. So that is what a laptop is.

Facts about laptops

How they help us learn.

Laptops help us learn because if you were doing a math question that said use a calculator and you didn't have one but you had a laptop, you could use the calculator on your laptop if you can find it. Another way it could help you is if the kid that sits next to you in the classroom knows a lot about monkeys and you don't and your class gets to use the laptop today. You could use a laptop to help you. One more way it could is if you were doing a project about rockets and you didn't know anything about them, you could use a laptop to find appropriate websites to help you with your project.

Laptop videos

Now we will watch two videos. One of them is about how a laptop works and the other one is about how to fix a dead laptop battery.
Computers & Laptops : How Does a Laptop Work?
How to Fix a Dead Laptop Battery