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May's Assessment Calendar

Below is the testing information for the remainder of the year. Our students have been prepared throughout this year, and I know they will do fine.


Students remember Benito's 3B's:

  • Be Ontime (you can be on campus at 9:15)
  • Be Present (bring your thinking caps)
  • Be Prepared (you are already)

Assessments for May

  • FAST ELA Assessment - 5/3
  • SSA Science 8th only - 5/9
  • FAST Math Assessment - 5/11
  • Algebra/Geometry EOC - 5/11
  • Civics EOC (7th/8th) - 5/17
  • Semester exams - May 22-25


Just a reminder, once your student has started their testing session, they must finish their exam during that session. We encourage everyone not to sign their students out of school during testing.

Cell phones and electronic devices are prohibited from being on a student's person during testing. Students will be asked to turn them off and put them away in their book bags. Book bags will then be placed in a designated area determined by the teachers, and they will not have access to them until after the session is over.

Assessment Calendar for the Month of May

FAST - PM3, EOCs, & Semester Exam
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Awards Night @ 6:30PM

Students will be receiving their invites from their homeroom teacher this week.

May 16th - Grade 6

May 17th - Grade 7

May 18th - Grade 8

Staff Appreciation Week

Parents, please join me in celebrating (text, a hello, letters with kids, emails, etc..) the staff here at Benito Middle School as we acknowledge them all week. We have a dedicated group of individuals that show up to support kids every single day. We truly appreciate all that they do.

"Happy Staff Appreciation Week"

Mission and Vision

"Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork"

Vision: To prepare students for life.

Mission: To provide an education that enables each student to excel as a successful, responsible citizen.

Administration/District Vision: Every teacher will receive support they need exactly when they need it so they can best meet the needs of every student.

Mr. Williams 3 B's

Be on time

Be Present

Be Prepared

Principal, Brent Williams

Asst. Principal, Kathleen LeClaire

Asst.Principal, Daniel Gostkowski

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