UAMS Newsletter

Sept. 2, 2020

Message from the Principal

Parents and Guardians,

Week two is complete! I have been very pleased with how well our students have adapted to the changes they are facing during their in-person and remote learning days. Thank you for your support of the guidelines and mandates that allow us to continue working with students in person. Below you will find some important updates and reminders. Thank you.


Shane Brewer

Picture Day - September 8th & 9th

Picture Day is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th and Wednesday, September 9th. Please see the attachment below for the order form.

Picture Day Schedule:

Tuesday, Sept 8th

Students M-Z: Middle School

Students M-Z: High School

Wednesday, Sept 9th

Students A-L: Middle School

Canner Cyber Connection (Cyber School)

Students A-L: High School

UASD Annual Laptop Protection Plan

This is a reminder that we are collecting laptop protection forms. This protection plan is for repairs to a student's laptop that are not covered under the Apple Care Warranty. This includes damage caused by accidents, misuse, or loss. This is an annual Protection Plan and must be renewed at the start of each school year. Protection Insurance is not mandatory but highly suggested. Attached below is a copy of the form. Please make checks payable to the “Upper Adams School District.”


The 7th graders definitely had a "chaotic" and "convoluted" start to their middle school experience, but they are adjusting very well given the circumstances! Ask your student to define those words to test their knowledge! The words are part of our new vocabulary set for the personal narrative "Names, Nombres" by Julia Alvarez.

Ancient History News

Breaking News:

Seventh History class will be learning about relative location and become cartographers in September. The map making activity also allows us to research about the history of Biglerville and surrounding communities. We will also do our yearly walking tour of the town and learn how cartographers make things to scale. Check out instagram as we will post our experiences.

Virtual Teacher Pages Coming Soon!!

The teachers are feverishly working (pun intended!) on their virtual teacher pages to help make sense of our new educational experience. Be on the lookout for another communication coming out later in the week. The page will go live on friday.

Counselor's Corner

The start of the new year means the start of career counseling! I have started my Cycle 1 Skills for Adolescence Exploratory class. Students are spending time with our brand new career curriculum, Smart Futures. I am really excited about what this curriculum will do for our students. It is the most up-to-date information and predictions for the labor market. Obviously the pandemic has added a whole new shift to the workforce, and we can bet that the reverberations of 2020 will be felt for years to come. However, I am confident that what our students are learning through the Smart Futures curriculum will jive well with our post-COVID world.

Please feel free to ask any questions about our new curriculum. Every 7th grade student will go through the program during their Skills for Adolescence Exploratory classes, and I will be meeting with the 8th graders at a yet to be determined time. The good news about this curriculum is it's all online! So once we get the students started, they are on their own to work through as many activities as they would like to accomplish. I look forward to seeing what conversations we will have about the future job market!

Kim Jenkins

UAMS Counselor

Community Resources

The annual Heritage Fesitval is taking place in September - Virtually! Below you will find information about the various activities planned. There is even an art contest available for students to enter! There is also a virtual Strengthening Families Program being offered in the county. These are all great opportunities to stay connected to our community!