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January 3, 2022


Dear Luther Burbank Families,

I hope that this message finds everyone having enjoyed a restful winter break. Vacation time provides everyone an opportunity to rest and recharge. I hope that this was the case for you and your family. I know that I appreciated the opportunity to catch my breath and enjoy time with my sons who are home from college. Although, I will say “quality time” with them was somewhat limited due to some pretty significant sleep patterns they seem to have developed in college - boy, can they sleep (or, maybe they are just savvy chore avoiders??!) Anyway, it’s been nice to have them home - chore avoidance and all.

Winter break allows us to pause and the New Year presents us with the opportunity to reflect. As I reflect on the past year, I think about the obvious challenges the pandemic has created, but I also think about the strength of our community, a strength that has never been more profound. Our faculty and staff have worked tirelessly in support of one another so that our students can continue to learn and grow. And, the support we have felt from our families has been truly palpable. As we step into January, we know that the omicron variant presents its own set of challenges, yet we also know that we step forward together as a strong community, together. As we have done these past two years, we will continue to work in support of our students each and every day.

It is an honor and a privilege to step into a new year with all of you.

Here's to a great year ahead (one with maybe a few less covid-related challenges!)


Dates to Remember

January 4: Basketball @ Clinton

January 6: Basketball v. Bromfield, Home

January 10: Basketball @ Tahanto

January 13: Basketball v. West Boylston, Home

January 13: SEPAC Event, Navigating the College Search for Students who Learn Differently, 7:00 PM (Virtual Event)

January 14: Early Release Professional Development, 11:30 Dismissal

January 15: SEPAC Event, S'Mores Family Fun at Slater's, 5:00 PM (In-Person Outdoor Event/RSVP Required)

January 17: Holiday, No School

January 19: Basketball v. Florence Sawyer, Home

January 20: Basketball @ Hale

January 20: LBMS School Council, 3:00 PM

January 24: Basketball v. Maynard, Home

January 27: Basketball v. Clinton, Home

January 27: SEPAC Event, Ask the Advocate, 7:00 PM (Virtual Event)

January 31: Basketball @ Bromfield

February 3: Basketball v. Tahanto, Home

February 4: Early Release Professional Development, 11:30 Dismissal

February 7: Basketball @ West Boylston

February 10: SEPAC Event, Understanding Assessments, 7:00 PM (Virtual Event)

February 17: LBMS School Council, 3:00 PM

February 21-25: February Vacation, No School

Link to NRSD 2021-2022 School Calendar

Covid Protocols - Reminders and Some Adjustments

Families, please check in with your child to make sure that they are coming to school with a refillable water bottle (filled with water) and an extra mask/face covering. We are continuing to remain vigilant with our COVID protocols given the current covid variant surge. All current COVID protocols remain in place. We ask that families review these protocols with their children at home. If families could also review the importance of properly wearing masks, that would be greatly appreciated. This shared approach is very helpful.

At this time, all visitors to LBMS are prohibited. Visitors with educational purposes only may be allowed onsite with permission granted ahead of time. Spectators for our basketball games have been limited to parents and immediate household members of players on the teams competing in a game.

There are no additional changes to our extracurricular activities; however, our instrumental band classes and music ensembles have been moved to the auditorium where there is more space and airflow.

Please see Superintendent Downing's recent emails for information and protocols regarding updated guidance for close contact and quarantine situations. I will be sure to keep everyone updated should any further changes be made relative to our COVID protocols which impact our students.

Routine COVID Safety Check Testing, Wednesdays

Routine COVID Safety Check Testing at Mary Rowlandson and Luther Burbank will continue each Wednesday. Safety Check Testing is quick and occurs during student lunch periods. This opt-in pooled testing program adds another layer of protection for our school community. Routine COVID safety checks minimize disruption to learning by helping us catch potential spread of the virus before it starts. Please consider signing your child up for this weekly testing if you haven't already done so. Thank you for your support!

Link to the consent for weekly Covid safety checks

Parent Pick-Up, Gentle Reminder to Slow Down

For those families who pick up their child at the end of the day, please be reminded to proceed cautiously and slowly around the Mary Rowlandson building upon departure. We have received some feedback that some of our drivers are driving too quickly around the back of the building and through the parking lot. With Mary Rowlandson still in session at the end of our dismissal, it is possible that students and teachers may still be outside at 2:15. Thank you for your help and attention to this important reminder.

A Note from Mrs. Slattery

Are the visual arts a part of your profession?

The study of Visual Art helps students develop creativity and innovation skills. Visual Art helps us understand history and culture, too. Art also helps us decode imagery presented in communication in our daily lives (for example, in advertising). We benefit from understanding the role of visual art in all aspects of society. Students can learn from marketing professionals, web designers, architects, engineers, retail workers, product designers, landscapers and other professionals who use knowledge of art in their daily work. Even if these careers are not labeled as "artists," visual art and the creative process is woven into the work that they do.

Are you willing to talk about your profession and how creativity, visual images, and/or design principles are used in your work?

Luther Burbank's Art teacher, Mrs. Slattery, will be recording video interviews with adults in a wide range of professions. The series of videos will be shared with students to develop an understanding of the widespread use of art in a myriad of careers. If you are interested in helping with this project, or would like more information, please fill out this Google Form: Art in Professions Questionnaire

Winter Concert - A Huge Success

On Tuesday, December 14th, our LBMS musicians entertained a joyful audience during our annual Winter Concert held at the Nashoba Regional High School! A special thank you to our musicians and to Ms. Belhumeur for the hard work and talent that was abundantly evident to all who were present that evening. It was wonderful to see - and hear - our musicians playing together once again in person.

5th Annual Reindeer Games... The Tradition Continues!

Right before winter break, we sent students off with our 5th Annual Reindeer Games! We made some adjustments to this year's Reindeer Games to support our COVID protocols, but the afternoon was still a lot of fun!

Student Council and Project 351 Collaboration to Support WHEAT

Our efforts to collect non-perishable food items to donate to the WHEAT center in Clinton were a huge success. Our school community collected over 400 food items! As promised, the winning grade level bringing in the most donated items will see one of their teachers be pied in the face. Drum roll please.... the 8th grade brought in the most donations! Ms. Macharia get that cape and shower cap ready for some pie heading your way. Pictures to follow!

A special thank you to Maddie Oxnard and Margot Sonia, LBMS alums, who organized this wonderful event.

Winter Attire, Recess, and Mask Breaks

During these times, it has never been more important for our students and staff to be able to get outside for fresh air. With the weather becoming increasingly colder and inclement, it is critical that students come to school with the proper winter apparel. Families, I ask for your help in ensuring that your child arrives to school with a jacket, hat, and gloves/mittens. Layers are perfect.

This year we have continued with our longer recess blocks so that students can benefit from the fresh air and activity. During the winter months, students may elect to play in the snow. In this case, students MUST wear snow boots and snow pants. Thank you for your support with ensuring your child is adequately prepared. We know that sometimes it is tricky to wrangle a middle schooler when it comes to attire, and we appreciate your support from the homefront.

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Interested in Substitute Teaching for the 2021-2022 School Year? We Need You!

Substitute teaching offers flexibility and a direct interface with our awesome students. It also offers interested community members a way to contribute to our school. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a substitute teacher and/or are interested in applying to become a substitute teacher, please email Laura Friend at lfriend@nrsd.net or call our main office at 978-365-4558. Substitute teaching offers flexibility and a direct interface with our awesome students. It also offers interested community members a way to contribute to our school.

2021-2022 LBMS Student and Parent Handbook

Students and families are asked to review the 2021-2022 LBMS Student and Handbook. Our LBMS COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols document serve as a complement to the handbook.

Nashoba Nutrition Services

Lunch menus and important updates can be viewed here

School Calendars

NRSD 2021-2022 School Year and 6 Day Cycle Calendars


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