Come To California Today!

Brayden Stevens and Kade Spears

Why you should come to California.

If you are looking for a new start, you should come to California. You should come to California for gold to help your family back at home. Also you can come for free land to expand your religion to other people. You can come to California for more land and jobs for you to have.

Some things you got to bring on your trip

  • Water
  • Food
  • Enough supplies
  • Shelter
  • Ammo nation

Reasons why you should not come.

Some reasons why you should not come is the cold weather and most of them did not have enough warm for them selves. Another one is the rivers because while you crossing it you could drown or even get caught by the current. Another one is there is a lot of diseases going there so be careful.

Sights Along the Way

  • Fort Hall
  • Independence Rock
  • Fort Kearny
  • South Pass